Finn's Protege Package gives you the freedom and confidence to know that your puppy will receive love, care, and the best training available. He or she will stay on property and will spend the days (from dawn til dusk) receiving appropriate training to provide you a puppy that is confident, obedient, and a pleasure to enjoy privately and publicly. Finn is the most remarkable dog you will ever meet--his protege will exhibit those same qualities. 

The 4 week program is designed for puppies from 8 to 18 weeks which is their most crucial social skill learning time. If you are new to dogs, or just want to make sure that your pup is off to a great start this is the program for you.

The 2 week program is designed for those who can't stand the thought of their pup being gone for more than 2 weeks but still want many of the same benefits. It is also designed for older dogs who just need some behavior modifications, renewed socialization, or additional attention.

With all of our Finn's Protege packages we invite owners to attend one hour training sessions to learn with their pups. Those sessions will be scheduled after the first assessment of your puppy (typically on the 3rd day of their stay), and will include up to 3 parent/puppy session during their stay for our 2 week guests, and 5 sessions for our 4 week guests.

We encourage all of our customers to set up a consult with one of our trainers before signing up for any package. Our Trainers can provide expert advice on what may be best for your pup.


All of our trainers are certified AKC trainers. We offer one-on-one training in home or onsite. We also offer group training sessions. Customizing a package for you and your pet, which meets both of your needs is the key. We encourage all of our customers to schedule a consult with a trainer to develop the perfect mix of training that will benefit you and your pup the most.

Puppy Play Hour

Puppy play hour is available to pups 8 to 18 weeks of age. It requires all current vaccinations and is free of charge. We will have trainers available to answer questions, maintain order, and provide guidance on appropriate and non-appropriate play. Puppy socialization is the most important gift you can give your pup and others

Puppy play is held every Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30.

Finn's Protege Package

   2 weeks: $1300

   4 weeks: $2500

Shazizzle Farms

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One-on-one Training Packages


   In Home:

       3 lessons: $300

       7 lessons: $600

   At the Farms:

      3 lessons: $210

      7 lessons: ​$420

Group Classes

    $50 per class