Shazizzle Farms

English Creams, Therapy, & Kennels



Simply the most remarkable dog that you can add to your family. We love this breed so much that we have to share. Our puppies are guaranteed to enrich your life!

Zaga's Grooming Salon

Either drop off for a cut, nail trim, drommel, or have it done during a daily or overnight stays so your puppy can come home clean and refreshed.

Cottages & Yurts

Looking for a place to get away and enjoy your puppy in the purr-fect setting? Enjoy a stay in one of rustic cottages or yurts and take full advantage of all that The Farm has to offer.

Farm Membership

Perfect therapy. You get access to our trails, swim pond, use of pavilions, and access to our Members Only events

Finn's Training Academy

Select one of our customized training packages for your pup and he or she will give you a huge return on your investment. Session or weekly packages.

Kennels & Boarding

We offer daily and overnight stays with temperament and breed compliance. Our kennels are state of the art with video view of your puppy available 24/7.